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Proudly Organic

Pedigree Native Animals

Our farm has been organic since 1989 and is certified with the Soil Association under registration G1483. All our animals are pedigree native breeds ideally suited to our environmental stewardship schemes and are carefully reared in accordance with the Red Tractor Farm Assured standards.


Shorthorn are a rugged native breed well suited to out wintering even in inclement conditions. Both the Dairy and Beef varieties are derived from the original dual-purpose type farmed in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Adaptable to harsh environmental conditions, the Beef Shorthorn thrives on coarse, poor-quality vegetation. Agile and sure-footed, it is the ideal animal for our hillside conservation grazing.

Wiltshire Horn Sheep

The Wiltshire Horn is an old native breed which until the end of the eighteenth century was the predominant breed to be found on the Wiltshire Downs. It is renowned for producing exceptionally flavoursome meat.

The Wiltshire Horn has a short fleece that naturally sheds in the spring leaving a short hair coat, eliminating the need for shearing. The breed’s hardiness and resilience, together with its climbing prowess, make it ideal for our valleys and hill tops.