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Proudly Organic

with Nature

We firmly believe that farming is best done in harmony with nature which is why we undertook an organic conversion in 1989 and hold one of the early Soil Association registrations.  In keeping with our belief in conservation, hunting, shooting and fishing are not permitted anywhere on the land leading to an abundance of native wildlife.

The majority of the farmland has qualified under the government’s Environmental Stewardship scheme for Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) awarded to farmers who undertake environmental management schemes which offer “significant benefits” to wildlife conservation and natural resource protection.

The farm includes three Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and under the advice of Natural England, a careful grazing regime has been implemented to encourage the fauna in the meadows and along the riverbank.

Since 1864

run farm

Colham Farm occupies the land of the Castle Combe Estate and whilst most of the village was sold off in 1949, the farm has passed from generation to generation since 1864. Karen and Paul Lysley currently run the farm with the help of the family.

As with many farms today, the key to its continued success has been diversification. In addition to traditional farming activities, Colham Farm enjoys substantial honey production, provides holiday accommodation, trades fire wood as well as hosting tenancies for a number local businesses including a cafe and wood recycling facility.